Meet the Owner

Clinical Nutritionist in the Making: Moshira’s Inspiring Journey

Moshira Soliman began as many of us do when it comes to food – clueless. She was a businesswoman that owned a mortgage company and tirelessly worked towards building a better life for her family. Following her second son’s birth, Moshira experienced joint and body pains, prompting her to consult a doctor. They told her that there was nothing wrong and she would be fine.

Moshira continued to have increasing pains, so she decided to get a second opinion. One doctor visit turned into many over three and a half years, all with the same results. Every doctor she saw told her, “There’s nothing wrong, you are just depressed.” After her battle to find an answer, Moshira had a blood test that showed a high level of rheumatoid factor.

When Moshira found out that there was something wrong, she began searching for answers. Doctors began prescribing medication to help with the symptoms and pain. Moshira was desperate to find answers, so she listened and followed her doctor’s advice. Little did she know that this choice would almost kill her. One of the doctors that Moshira saw accidentally prescribed her a medication based on her weight plus one hundred pounds extra.

Moshira began getting worse and not better. Once again, Moshira changed doctors to get another opinion. This new doctor examined her and found that she had been over-medicating based on this new prescription. She stopped her medication and began a new clinical trial that involved taking a new drug.

​From Frustration to Inspiration: Moshira’s Path to Becoming a Clinical Nutritionist

Moshira began feeling like “nothing but a lab rat” and grew tired of constantly taking medications and seeing little results. Frustrated, in pain, and tired, Moshira made a decision. She remembered her healthy grandmother, who lived to 97, saying, “If you just eat good, you will be good.”

At this moment, Moshira decided to take the advice of her Grandmother and start eating food that was “healthy.” Moshira’s decision led her to follow her grandmother’s path, becoming a symbol of wellness and vitality.

Now many years later, Moshira is a clinical nutritionist and the owner of Pureganic. She is on a mission to share her story, help others create a lifestyle of health and vitality, and most importantly, use her knowledge and experience to make the world a healthier place.

Nutrition Counseling

Our approach to nutrition counseling is simple. A successful nutrition consultation won’t feel like a lecture about all of the “bad” choices you’ve made. It shouldn’t make you feel judged on your eating habits, either. We believe in taking the time to listen and understand your lifestyle and what you want to accomplish with our help. We want to work with you to help achieve your goals.

Every person has different individual goals and needs. The most important thing to ensure that you’re getting the proper nutrition is learning about the right foods to help you achieve your objectives. Our goal is to customize your counseling sessions and the plans that we develop for you so that you’re getting what YOU need to feel great and become the best that YOU can be!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during my first appointment?

First, we need to find out your goals, objectives, and reasons for starting nutrition counseling. We’ll go over your nutritional concerns and daily routine, including any health conditions and supplements you’re currently taking. Then we’ll talk about your lifestyle to learn about your physical activity, levels of stress, sleep patterns, energy levels, and gut function.

We’ll ask for a list of everything you ate in the 24 hours before the appointment, and you’re welcome to provide as much information as possible…including food journals and other documentation.

After collecting this information, we’ll talk about dietary preferences and cooking habits and identify trouble areas. We’ll then start pointing out some initial steps to help you start eating healthier and start a conversation about what to do before your next session.

How many appointments will I need?

Most people come in for a few sessions to learn how to adjust their diet to meet their objectives. Many clients continue their sessions until they reach their goals and then schedule sessions intermittently when they feel like they need guidance.

Once you are ready to learn some simple changes that you can incorporate into your diet and lifestyle or you need more guidance to get to the next goal, it’s a good time to make an appointment.

Some of our clients enjoy the accountability of scheduling monthly consultations until they feel like they’re in control of their new way of eating. If you are considering one consult to get you going, we recommend scheduling a refresher after the initial consult to review goals or for help getting back on track.

How much will it cost?

Most clients take advantage of our introductory session of $150 (a $100 savings) for up to 45 minutes to get to know us and explore their options. Once we get to know one another, we can then decide what combination of consultation, meal plans, and cleanses will help you to best achieve your objectives. We can conduct our sessions in person, by phone, or online, depending on what works best for YOU.

Will I have to stop eating everything I love?

Absolutely not! We consider every nutrition consultation as a partnership. Our primary goal isn’t to tell you to stop anything; it’s to give you a roadmap to get to your health goals and stay there. We allow flexibility and want you to incorporate simple changes at the beginning that evolve into lifestyle changes that make sense for YOU.

Your tastes will evolve over time, and the foods you love will change too. Everyone will make mistakes and have moments of eating something they shouldn’t. However, we just say, “Get up tomorrow, start again, and feel better!”